The Difference Between Pontoon and Blackjack

All casino players know what Blackjack is and they also play it often in casino site since this is one of the most popular casino games in the world. However, did you know about Pontoon game? If you are familiar with 21 or Blackjack in poker88, then you can play this game so easy without difficulty at all. The rules are almost similar to Blackjack you know in casino site but to find this game, you need to join the European sites because it is rarely to find this game outside UK.

What is Pontoon in Gambling Online

Pontoon is the one of the card games which was so popular in UK and fortunately for you, it is now making its way to US gambling online. Pontoon is one of the Blackjack variants and it was originally found in France from the famous card game called Vingt-et-un or known as 21. To play this game to the max, it needs at least 5 people to play and the maximum people on the table that can play Pontoon are 8 players. However, actually this game can be played with at least 2 people on the table and one as the dealer.

Basically, this game is the 5-card version of 21 where the players who might get 21 or perhaps the highest value in total without going over 21 and also beat the dealer will win. If you have more than 21 in total, then you bust and lose the game. It means, you need to go lower than 21 or perhaps get 21 to win the game and also win against dealer. Meanwhile, the banker or dealer also has the same situation but when you get the same value like dealer or in the tie situation, then dealer will win.

To play this game, then you must choose the banker which is often done by drawing the highest card. It means, the dealer is not coming from the casino site but from the players. Then, the dealer deals one face down card to every player starting from the player who sits on the left side and goes around until the dealer lays her or his faced down card. All players have to place their own bets except for the banker and then, another card may be dealt face down around the table and the players look at them.

The Scoring of Pontoon Game in Gambling Online

The scoring of this link poker88 game in is so similar to 21 or Blackjack. The face crds will be scored as 10 along with 10-value card. Meanwhile, the Ace will be scored as either 11 or 1. The total value of all cards most equal 21 or perhaps less and also must be higher than other players including the dealer will win. For example, you have 2, 5 and 10 while dealer holds 2,2,4,8. It means, you will win since your cards are equal or higher than dealer’s hand without going over the highest number.

The best hand you may get is named Pontoon and this is the situation where you can get 10-valued card and an ace in your initial deal just like “Blackjack” in the American version. Pontoon is one of the two methods you can do to get the double stakes. The other way is to get the thing called 5-card trick. This is where you have 5 cards without going over 21. The Pontoon is much better than 5-card trick may beat 21 with less than 5 cards no matter if the 5-card trick is less then 21 or 21 on the game.

The next hand which is also the best is 3 or 4 card the highest number of 21 will beat except 5-card trick and Pontoon. If the banker has Pontoon, then all players will lose immediately but if the banker doesn’t have Pontoon then other players may have few options to win their hands. If you want to get another card, then you need place another bet either 1 or 2 times from your initial bet by telling the banker you might buy one. The card will be given face down and you can keep purchasing cards until you have 5 cards in total.

Another alternative, you may get additional card face up that will not change the bet by telling the banker twist me one or in link poker88, you can simply press the button. You may twist until you can get 21 or 5 cards. If you get 15 points or maybe higher but still less than 21, you may tell the banker to stick and they will know that you don’t want more cards anymore.